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Scalable and Thorough

We offer scalable services for any size and type of project, at any stage of development.  Our roster of comprehensive services, extensive experience, and expertise will drive your project's success.

Invaluable Partners

Together, we begin by expanding your capacity to create the ultimate value in your land asset.  We work collaboratively, creatively and passionately.  We know our expertise combined with your vision and your business goals will make for a powerful partnership.

Focused.  Collaborative. Results Driven.

Maximizing Your Assets

Whether we are beginning with your initial vision, or perhaps redirecting a challenged project, we have a singular goal: maximize your business opportunity and your return on investment.  We are results you.

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Focused. Collaborative. Results Driven.

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Projects can be challenging; we are here to lighten the load off your shoulders and maximize your current and future investments.  Our expertise lies within creating the ultimate value in land assets from feasibility analysis to repositioning troubled assets. What differentiates us from competitors? Not only do we have a diversified understanding of the landscape, but we also offer comprehensive services relating to product segmentation, marketing analysis, and site management. We have overseen the development of over 35,000 residential lots, repositioned land assets through multiple recessions and market downturns and as well as lead strategist in dissolving complex real estate partnerships. We are available to provide the services you need anywhere in the United States. Our clients include capital investors, land owners, small and large developers, and builders.  No analysis is too small or large, we can handle it all.

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Real Estate Development Strategy


Path to Success

At Southbreeze Real Estate Advisors, we tailor our services to our clients' specific needs.  Our servies include: performing feasibility analysis of assets, democratizing the zoning indentures and codes applicable to yours projects: designing comprehensive development plans for your assets; producing in-depth reviews of capital-invenstment risk in future partnerships and loans; position both family and private assets such as golf courses for future sales; repositioning underperforming assets; growing and developing your marketing strategy; and in-depth product and cost analysis for your developments.  While we work on analyzing your assets we will work collaboratively with your team throughout the entire process to deliver a complete analysis of your asset.    

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Marketing and Product Segmentation

A Comprehensive


Let us review or assist you in developing a cohesive marketing plan for your assets.  Our services will provide you with a fresh look at ;your product, sales presentation, signage program, marketing program, social media, web page and budgets.  Together we will provide your assets with the building partners to achieve the appropriate product segmentation to obtain u ultimate absorption for your asset.  We will work closely with your land planner and landscape architects to develop a recreation amenity platform that will complement your marketing strategy.  If you need assistance or access in hiring the appropriate design consultants engage us to tap our broad range of international consultants to relieve the burden from you and your team.

Pre-Construction Consultation

Site Management



Our expertise for on site management is exceptional. With over 35 years’ experience in developing everything from large Master Plan communities to small complex urban infill, our expertise for on site management is exceptional .We are able to provide comprehensive review of schedules, budgeting, onsite and regional infrastructure and determine the critical path for your asset. Our extensive knowledge of field operations allows us to provide you experienced cost saving guidance and direction on bidding and awarding the most complex contracts to gaining release of your securities posted with governmental agencies. Having the correct field management plan is crucial in obtaining the desired financial metrics of your asset.

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Site Feasibility



Site feasibility is the foundation of any financial analysis for a land asset. A flawed feasibility study can easily cause result in significant losses and underperforming acquisitions. With experience in determining the feasibility for master plan communities of 5000 home sites to infill development we know what questions to ask and determine if the answers received are viable. We can review or oversee the feasibility analysis from the beginning with land planning, engineering, product offering, absorption, budgeting, cash flow schedules. If you are an investor or owner needing to review an analysis prior to committing capital, we are your choice.



Richard J. Dengler

Rick Dengler is former President of Colorado Land and Housing Operations for Brookfield Residential Colorado.  He has a diverse background in all areas of real estate as it relates to acquisition, financing, land development, homeowner associations, production housing and custom homes. Over the past 35 plus years, he has been an integral part in the creation and positioning of large and small residential, retail communities throughout the United States and was self-proprietor in his own custom home business. The communities that Rick has created and developed contain over 20,000 residential homes sites.  His business career includes experience as a design engineer, field engineer, President of Community Associations and Metro Financing Boards, expert witness in land entitlement, various senior manager and executive positions in real estate. His last endeavor was a 25-year tenure with Brookfield Residential.  Rick is the founder of Southbreeze Real Estate Advisors. He has served on numerous professional boards throughout his career.  Rick is currently a board member of the Homebuilders Association of Denver (HBA). In 2019 he was awarded the prestigious award of HomeBuilder Member of the Year from the HBA.   Rick holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall is a seasoned real estate professional who has devoted his career to the real estate industry.  Adept at helping companies realize business goals, he has spent nearly three decades working in the Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Texas and Montana housing markets. Jeff has an extensive background in land and community development, buyer and seller negotiations, large parcel land sales, market research, competitive analysis, commercial and residential builder selection, market positioning, demographic analysis, product segmentation, pricing strategy, community place making, sales generation and strategic marketing allowing him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the nation’s top homebuilders and developers.   Jeff is a dedicated professional,   well-regarded industry expert, trusted colleague, skilled business partner and successful deal maker.  Strategically, involved with more than 100 developments across multiple states, his extensive professional network includes key executives employed with the nation’s top 25 homebuilders, national apartment developers, architectural and engineering firms, large scale commercial construction companies, legal professionals, real estate focused ad agencies, national market research companies, resort management firms and numerous other industry specialists. Jeff lives in Bozeman, Montana.   Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science, Business Management, Montana State University.


Dean Dubbe'

Dean Dubbe’ has over 35 years’ experience in residential and commercial development. Being a registered Professional Engineer and holding a master’s degree in Geotechnical engineering, Dean is considered a qualified expert in Land Development construction. He has testified on many occasions in litigation cases and is able to contribute to amicable settlements for his services. He was a proprietor in a geotechnical consulting firm in his early days of his career. After years of ownership he sold his interest in the firm, became intimately involved in residential development and held Senior positions with various firms.  Dean's knowledge is vast from feasibility studies to security bond release. He has extensive knowledge on management of HOA’s and has overseen construction of many recreation focal points of various communities with budgets in excess of 10M. He has participated in the development of over 15,000 lots with various Builders and developers throughout his career. He has overseen the construction and renovation of several golf courses and the management of the courses as an owner’s representative.  Dean resides in Howard County Maryland and provides his services throughout the United States. In his free time, you will find Dean at a baseball game or on the golf course. He is a native of West Virginia and is a proud Mountaineer.

Home: Testimonials
Home: Testimonials


"During my extensive career in Land Use in one of the most complex entitlement States in the US, I must say Rick was one of the most dynamic and successful individuals leading design teams and extracting the most value out of a piece of land I had worked with. His thorough understanding of an asset from acquisition, land entitlement, on site development, product segmentation, builder relationships is truly a rare find in today’s market……"

C.Lacey Compton Jr.

Founding Partner

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